Terrorist attacks in Turkey



We view with much sadness and grief the latest tragedy that has struck Turkey that has claimed more lives. The latest suicide bomb in the heart of Istanbul’s tourist area is another major blow to Turkey which had lately experienced 4 major attacks in Ankara and Istanbul .

The seriousness of the problems are compounded by Turkeys problems at their border dealing with both local issues and Syria’s civil strife and associated Islamic militant threats that has spilled over into Turkey. While the local problem is a complex issue, the huge arrivals of refugees as a result of Syria’s war had displaced around 3 million refugees into Turkey which together with constant terrorist threats have gravely burdened the nation. The recent European Union agreement that will make Turkey accept back refugees that have crossed over into Europe will further strain Turkey’s resources.

Respon Amanah terhadap Turki

We greatly sympathise with the huge problems and burden that has struck Turkey. We hope the people of Turkey and the international community will give continous and strong support to the President and Prime Minister of Turkey. We also hope Turkey will continue to be a strong and exemplary Muslim Nation that has shouldered huge responsibilties in handling the arrival of millions of mainly Muslim refugees.

May Allah continue to give guidance and strength to the people and Government of Turkey in facing great challenges and tragedies. We also hope other Muslim nations, including Malaysia, would extend their assistance to Turkey in facing terrorist threats and refugee arrivals in true Muslim brotherhood spirit. InSyaAllah.

Raja Bahrin Shah
Chairman International Bureau,
National Integrity Party(AMANAH)


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