AMANAH strongly condemn the brutal bomb attacks on civilians in Brussels. In the attacks which caused many deaths, mayhem was created amongst innocent civilians including elderly persons and children. We extend our deepest condolences and sympathies to the people of Belgium and other nationalities affected by the incidents. Amongst those that narrowly missed serious injury was a Malaysian lady and her special need child at the airport check-in counter.

Executed as a series of bombings in Paris, Istanbul, Jakarta and Ankara in the past few months, the trajedies have showed how vulnerable and exposed the international community has become. The latest bombings which took place close to a European Union Headquarters building indicated possible targeted political motif. Whatever the motif may be, we stand united with the international community in condeming such atrocities. Such deplorable actions cannot be justified in the name of any political struggle or religious cause. There is a universal value accepted by all communities and religions that innocent life is a sacred entity to be protected in any civilised nations. We stand united in facing the deplorable ‘takfiri’ culture of eliminating those who we disagree with especially if they are civillians. This culture is spreading even to our shores in Malaysia today.

We urge the international communities and the Malaysian government to take urgent measures to safeguard their citizens. We also urge all governments not to unnecessarily expose their citizens to possible foreign terrorist threats in conducting their foreign policies. In a connected global community, the terror network could easily sub contract their missions or export their ideologies.

We feel for the citizens of Paris, Istanbul, Jakarta, Angkara and Brussels. Our deepest condolences for the victims and we grief with the international communities for the deep hurt that deaths of your loved ones have caused.

Raja Bahrin Shah.
International Bureau for
Party AMANAH Negara

23 Mac 2016


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